Is this thing on?

September 15, 2017

Hi!  I am a home gardener that found microgreens through a magazine and loved the concept.  An easy way to get nutritious greens year-round sounded great!  When I searched for information about microgreens, I found a lot of how-to articles without much in-depth information.  Since then, I've found lots more information, but it's all over the place.  For someone starting out, it would be nearly impossible to find all the resources and tools available.  I don't have a horticulture degree, but I do have a desire to organize and make it easy to find information about microgreens.

What is a grow light?

A grow light is simply a light designed to mimic the sun.  Indoor lights like soft white bulbs put out light on the red end of the spectrum, closer to the look of candlelight. But grow lights give off full-spectrum light that is red, blue, and green. There are two main types, fluorescent and LED.