After some health issues, I started reading and learning more about nutrition.  Trying to get my diet in check, and stop eating junk. My blood pressure and cholesterol was simply too high. I started tracking what I ate and my sodium was through the roof. Some of what I was eating had trans fat, and most of it was processed.    

I looked to the internet, books, and friends.  The answer was one I didn’t want to hear.  You need real food.  The kind near the front of the store.  The kind without labels. The kind you have to pay extra for and put in work to prepare. 

What was offered at the grocery store didn’t look that appealing to me.  It looked sad.  Picked days or weeks ago, packed in a bag, and shipped hundreds of miles.  These vegetables were a shell of their former selves.  

I had lived in a rural area for my entire childhood, so gardening seemed like the perfect answer.  Well, not perfect, I had no idea what I was doing.  After four books, several tools, and some back breaking work, I was the proud owner of a small square garden.

Frustration was high, production was low, but pride was through the roof.  I was growing my own food.  Even if it was just two or three salads some months and some bagged beans for the freezer.   

Greens are a different kind of challenge.  Most of them are super foods, packing in all kinds of vitamins.  But they don’t store for very long if you like to eat them raw (and I do).  They also don’t really like heat.  Even the ones that tolerate heat, I was constantly having issues with bugs or diseases.  

More research, more reading, and I stumbled upon microgreens.  Year-round greens, packed with nutrition, and easy to grow.  I ordered more seed immediately and started experimenting.

Suffice to say, the experiments went well even with my limited knowledge.  Microgreens are, in fact, easy to grow.  After struggling with this for years, I was so excited about it, I had to tell others.  

That will be the mission of this blog.  Taking others on this journey with me into the world of microgreens.  To tell others that are in search of real food about my experience growing it.  Welcome to Microgreens 101.

What is a grow light?

A grow light is simply a light designed to mimic the sun.  Indoor lights like soft white bulbs put out light on the red end of the spectrum, closer to the look of candlelight. But grow lights give off full-spectrum light that is red, blue, and green. There are two main types, fluorescent and LED.